Got that curly, frizzy, unruly hair? Want to restore some shine and strength back into your once luscious locks? Maybe you just want to be able to get out the door that little bit faster in the morning with a treatment that helps to speed up your blowdry time...


In all reality, the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing System that is used in The Antifrizz is really an all in one miracle treatment that helps to control frizz (and fights off humidity in those moister months), restores and strengthens hair using keratin, and adds shine using compounds found in serecin, which is a protein found in silk produced by the silk worm, and adds amazing shine while simultaneously smoothing and wrapping the cuticle of the hair. This demi-permanent treatment lasts 3-5 months on average with proper care, and is the ultimate in luxury for your hair (it's even known to help repair heat damage) 



Service includes:


- Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment

- Complimentary ends trim post-service

- Blowdry



Recommended for:


 - Curly hair types that want to achieve smooth looks easier

- Wavy hair types looking for the same

- Heat-damaged hair needing strength and repair


$350 base

includes 3 oz product

additional product $50/oz

approx. time - 4.5-5 hours

(most clients use a max of 3.25 oz, longer and thicker hair may require more product and longer service time)