Carver found out he had a love for hair at a young age when he and his little sister used to play “bathroom beauty shop”, which was a fun game until Carver got a round brush stuck in his sisters hair and they had to have it cut out at the root…


Carver has come a long, long way in the hair industry since that day.


Always one to believe in continuing education, after completing the Hair program at VCC, Carver went on to study at multiple Vidal Sassoon Academies, training in Women’s Cut and Color, as well as Men’s Barbering. That same thirst for hair knowledge had him taking a variety of other classes, both locally and internationally. He also sought out and completed his Canadian Red Seal, and is a Journeyman in the trade of hairstyling. 


Carver’s passions lie in the world of hair colour, where he specializes in super soft and natural highlights, and is known for his “to the scalp” foiling, his custom-toned blondes, rich brunettes, and the ability to make even the wildest of hues feel natural. Outside of colour, Carver is a versatile stylist who’s other talents include keratin smoothing treatments, tape-in extensions, Men’s hair, blow-dry’s and styling, treatments, and the list goes on… basically if it doesn’t sound like “perm”, he can probably help you out! 


When not at the salon, you can usually find Carver styling on the set of an editorial shoot, doing some kind of fitness, hanging out with friends, or singing his heart out at karaoke somewhere.. and by somewhere, we mean anywhere. Get to know him a bit and you’ll come to realize that his life is a musical. (no, really…)


His favourite quote about the industry is “I don’t do hair, I create confidence.”


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